The Next Gin Craze, Our 2020 Predictions

The gin craze shows no sign of stopping. Across the world, the alcohol industry has experienced a ‘ginnaissance,’ with a significant increase in gin sales over the last few years. The industry continues to grow too. In fact, it is believed that gin sales will increase by 37% by 2021.
Like with every growing industry, the landscape of gin is always evolving, with new trends emerging every year. While we saw an influence of gins from faraway lands last year (like specialist brands from Japan) and an influx of flavoured gins, we’re seeing a big difference in the expected gin trends for 2020 and beyond.

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The Most Expensive Gins In The World

The popularity of gin could perhaps be attributed to its accessibility. With countless flavour profiles to suit every taste (from traditional juniper to candyfloss!) and a relatively low price point, gin is an approachable spirit that lends itself well to all preferences.

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Why we as a nation can’t get enough of sparkling wines

We all like a bit of fizz at Christmas, in fact any time of the year! A decent bottle of cava or prosecco is a must-have at any celebration. But is that it? Does it all boil down to us wanting to pop a few corks to impress our guests, or does the modern consumer actually prefer the taste and overall experience of a premium quality sparkling wine?

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Why is gin so on-trend?

From sour cherry to basil infused and an array of eye-catching colours, gin is one drink that we never seem to tire of. So why do so many contemporary drinkers crave a gin and tonic, gin cocktail or one of the many new wave gins, on a Friday night when they’re out on the town or off to a party?

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The Most Valuable Gins in the World in 2019

Gin has historically been a fairly affordable spirit, although the modern craze for unusual infusions and outlandish ingredients means that some examples cost a lot more than others. But what about those gins that go the extra mile to boost their value and appeal to a premium audience? Here are 10 of the most expensive that you can buy today.

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Top 10 Gins To Try in 2019

For fans of gins, 2019 will be a great year to experiment with new brands and find something truly special that you can keep enjoying for years to come.

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of the best gins to try in 2019, this quick rundown should point you in the direction of some truly delicious varieties.

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8 Healthy Wine and Food Pairings To Try in 2019

The health benefits of wine are often discussed, researched and generally scrutinised. Experts often espouse the advantages of drinking organic wines in moderation, especially in combination with nutritious, delicious meals.

So what properties must healthy wines have to be considered beneficial and what foods go best with the flagship wines of this kind?

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The Craft Gin Explosion

Craft gin production has gone from a niche pursuit to a mainstream concern, all in the space of less than half a decade.

So what is craft gin, why has it exploded onto the scene so quickly, why is gin so popular again and what are the key brands capitalising on this ever-expanding market?

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Top 10 Pimm’s Drink Recipes To Try This Summer

Pimm’s is the perfect summertime drink, beloved by Brits for its sumptuous flavors and fruity accompaniments. It’s particularly popular when Wimbledon is in full swing, although it tends to be served in the traditional way, which can lose its novelty quite quickly. If you are in the market for a few alternative Pimms drink recipes, here are 10 exciting alternatives to try out whether you are watching the tennis, relaxing in the garden or heading to a family BBQ.

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The Ultimate Craft Beer Checklist

The UK is considered to be one of the most innovative beer markets in the world and it’s easy to see why. With hundreds of independent breweries with countless craft options available, there has never been a better time to try a new and exciting brew.
Looking for new craft beers to try? We’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to the best craft beers.

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